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ICS Concrete Saws 

ICS Diamond Tools & Equipment is the professional concrete cutter’s choice in superior quality concrete cutting equipment. For nearly 30 years, ICS has led the industry in chain based concrete and pipe cutting solutions. They now offer premium flat saws, wire saws, and wall saws under the Merit and Pentruder brands.

ICS pioneered Diamond Chain Technology™ so that professionals and homeowners have tools that will cut through the toughest stuff ever made. Our concrete-cutting diamond chains are designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Our revolutionary SealPro and SealPro Advanced anti-stretch technologies significantly reduce chain stretch, so you spend less time tensioning your chain. Our patented PowerGrit pipe cutting chain allows you to safely cut ductile iron, HDPE, PVC, and more. All ICS chains can be used with our best-in-class guide bars and powerheads to give you a cutting system that can plunge cut up to 25 inches deep with clean corners and no overcuts.

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