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Indiana Seal

Indiana Seal is a company that has been manufacturing PVC pipe couplings in the United States since 1981. In 2007, they were purchased by GPK Products, an industry leader in rigid PVC fittings. They currently produce a full line of flexible pipe couplings in Fargo, North Dakota.

Indiana Seal’s pipe couplings are able to connect a wide variety of pipe such as clay, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, and PVC. All of their couplings are made of tough and pliable PVC. This gives them the capability to withstand hazards such as sewer gases, chemicals, fungus growth, various soil conditions, roots, and other in-ground dangers that can lead to leaks and breakdowns in the system. They are AI certified, and throughout the manufacturing process, strict quality standards are expected and maintained from our in-house Quality Control department.

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